There are a lot of reasons to switch to Android – maybe you’re enticed by the super cool features of the new Samsung Galaxy Note9 , or maybe you just want to try something new.

You’ll have a lot of fun exploring all the cool things your new device can do once you transfer all your information, familiarize yourself with the apps, and learn all the gestures.

Read on for a cheat sheet on switching to Android, so you can get straight to all the fun stuff your phone can do.

Transferring your data is easy!

Transfer your data to your new Android device with Google before giving away or selling your old phone. Signing up for a Google account through Gmail will allow you to access your information on any device or computer as long as you remember your Gmail address and password. Once you have a Google account and Gmail, you can install Google Drive and Google Contacts on your old phone. From there, you can back-up your photos, videos, and documents onto Google Drive, and your contacts onto Google Contacts.

One final tip for switching to Android: After you transfer all your data, make sure you sign out of all your accounts on  your old phone. If you don’t the phone might be locked to your account and if you give it away or sell it, the next person won’t be able to transfer their data or log in to their own accounts.

What you’ll enjoy as an Android user

Customizing your phone to be unique you is one of the fun things about having an Android phone. First, you have a choice in device. You can choose based on your budget or a device’s features, colors, and design. Once you choose a phone, you can then customize the phone’s interface with toolbars or widgets on the home and lock screens, change the launcher or skin, and even change transitions and effects.

Multi window is awesome, especially if you have a device with a large screen. With multi window you can open two apps at the same time. Most apps are compatible with this feature, with the exception of certain apps that require the full screen, like the camera or some games.

Expand your device’s memory with a one-time purchase of a memory card. if you plan on managing a lot of files or photos, a memory card with more GB of memory is ideal. Plus, you can save files from your computer onto the memory card so that your Android device also serves as an external storage device.

When connecting your device to a computer, no additional software is needed. This is particularly useful for Windows or other PC users. When you connect your Android device to any computer, you can easily access files because it acts like a flash drive or other external storage device, even on Apple computers or laptops.


There are so many things to love about Android. And now that you know what to look forward to you’ll be able to transition easily. Enjoy your new device!

Need more help with using your Android device? Check out Google’s Android Support page or visit any IT&E store for one-on-one assistance if you have any questions about your services, like roaming, setting up your voicemail, and more.