It’s more than just one thing that makes the Samsung Galaxy Note9 stand out from the competition or even other phones in the Galaxy series. Rather, it’s how the Note9’s software, hardware, and different apps work together that make the Note9 the phone for multitasking, creating, and entertainment.

Do more

The Note9 has a bunch of new features that set it apart from the Note8. It has intelligent scan authentication, which uses both iris and face scanning to secure the phone. New to the camera are a a dual aperture lens, a scene optimizer, and flaw detection. The S Pen is now Bluetooth-enabled for better performance and the Note9 is slightly larger than the Note8.

Plus, with the Note9 you’ll be able to do more.

Equipped with a 4,000 mAh battery, the Note9 will allow you to do more things in a day. It has the longest battery capacity out of the whole Galaxy line and in comparison to other phones because the battery is larger and more powerful.

You’ll be able to install more apps and games. With an internal memory of 128 GB and expandable memory capacity of up to 512 GB, you can install everything you need on your phone and still have room to store files from your computer or to just use your phone to transfer files from one computer to another. It’s like you’re basically carrying around an external memory drive. And yes, there’s room for all your photos.

You’ll be able to take better photos. The hardware of the phone works with the software to get the perfect photo. The dual aperture lens on the camera automatically adjusts to light so photos come out crisp and clear in any lighting condition. The scene optimizer can recognize up to 20 scenes (like food, flowers, indoor scenes, and landscapes) to capture the colors of the moment perfectly. Flaw detection checks for closed eyes, blurry images, and other flaws so that you can retake the photo before the moment passes.


The S Pen

Now on to the most popular feature of the Note series: the S Pen. With so many different uses and features, the S Pen fits into every lifestyle.

Note-taking is the obvious use. It’s definitely handy to just pop out the S Pen and begin writing on the screen.

When not used to write, the S Pen as a stylus is useful and makes sense considering the phone’s size. With the phone in one hand and the S Pen in the other hand, scrolling through pages and selecting apps is a smooth experience. Paired with apps like Swiftkey Flow (free to install and use), you can definitely get used to using the S Pen to write-up your emails and messages. SwiftKey Flow allows you to type a word by swiping the S Pen over the letters on the keyboard without lifting your S Pen.

But , the S Pen has more uses than as a stylus to hand-write notes. It also acts as a remote for the phone when streaming media from your phone onto a Smart TV or monitor. The S Pen is Bluetooth-enabled and has a 10-meter (32.8-foot) radius for playing an pausing streaming videos and music, for scrolling throug your gallering, turning on your voice recorder, or snapping photos. The S Pen can also act as a clicker to control a slide show and can be programmed to operate apps and do other functions.

Multitasking, creating, and entertainment.

For business professionals and multitaksers, there are tons of functions that help you do more than one thing at the same time, including multi-window and Glance mode. Plus, you can take notes or jot down that idea without haveing to unlcok the phone or open up the Samsung Notes app because you can write directly on the lock screen.

The Note9 is great for artists at all levels. With the S Pen, creatives can make amazing works of art with the Autodesk Sketchbook app (free to install and use) or with Adobe Photoshop Sketch (free to install, used with an Adobe account). For casual artists, Samsung’s PENUP app has coloring pages that can be colored manually or by autofill. Plus, PENUP is also a social network wher eyou can upload your artwork for other creatives in the community to see, comment on, and share.

Gamers and entertainment consumers will be impressed by the Note9’s dound. Once you enable Dolby Atmos, you’ll get fuller sound with more bass. There’s an auto feature that adjusts the settings to the particular content you’re consuming, like video or music. We tested this while watching a nature video and the sound of the water and wind in the background could be heard distinctly. The great audio paired with the Note’s AMOLED screen make for an immersive experience. <./p>

Other features

As a Samsung device, the Note9 has a lot of the features that users enjoy on the latest phones like the Galaxy S9 and S9+. One useful feature is the Always On Display, which keeps the clock and notifications always on your screen so you can simply glance at it to get the info. This actually doesn’t take up as much battery as you’d think, and when you put the phone in your pocket or bag, or just place it face down on a table, the screen turns off.

Other standard Samsung features that work well are Apps Edge for easy access to your favorite apps; Smart Select for making gifs and screen shots; and Samsung Health, which is great for tracking your workout, diet, and health statistics, like heart rate and blood pressure. And, of course, there’s Bixby Translate which uses your camera to translate printed materials, as well as other Bixby features.

If you’re a creator, an artist, a professional, a multitasker, a gamer, or an entertainment junkie, the Note9 is the device for you. With the Note9 in your hand, you’ll continue to discover new ways to be more productive and creative.