The newest iPhone packs a lot of power into a small package. Released in March, the iPhone SE is distinctive. It wows with a classic design complemented by futuristic hardware and software.

If you’ve heard about the iPhone SE and want to learn more, read on for just five of the many reasons to love the iPhone SE.

1. Brains of the iPhone 11 Pro

The iPhone SE is equipped with the A13 Bionic chip – the same chip as the iPhone 11 Pro. This chip provides exceptional performance when playing games and launching apps. A fast chip is also a must for getting the best Augmented Reality experience in games and apps. With the latest chip, you’ll also get the latest software updates.

2. Still has a home button

The home button has returned to the iPhone. It’s a familiar feature that many have missed. There’s something so satisfying about tapping a button.  On the iPhone SE, the home button is also the Touch ID so you can unlock your iPhone as well as securely sign into apps.  

3. It’s a great value

Even at full retail price, the iPhone SE is more affordable than typical flagship phones that hover around the $1,000 mark. Despite its price, iPhone SE is a high-quality and high performing device. While you may not be getting three rear cameras or Face ID, you’re still getting an Apple product that is built to last and is beautifully designed.

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4. Same great features you expect from iPhone

When it comes to features, the iPhone SE doesn’t disappoint. Like all the latest iPhones, the iPhone SE boasts a durable glass and aluminum design, wireless charging, and 4K video so you can see every detail of your favorite movies and shows.

The iPhone SE has portrait mode for artful photos. With portrait mode, you can blur the background of your photos and focus on a single subject.  You also get portrait lighting which offers six studio-quality effects and the ability to adjust the lighting intensity of your photo.

5. The perfect size

The iPhone SE display is 4.7 inches. (Remember with smartphones, this is measured diagonally.) Meanwhile the iPhone 11 Pro’s display is 5.7 inches and iPhone 11’s display is 6.1 inches. The iPhone SE is well-suited for one-handed use and can easily fit in a pocket, yet it will still provides an enjoyable experience when watching videos or gaming.

There’s a lot to love about the iPhone SE. It’s the prefect phone for both iPhone enthusiasts and for those new to the line.

Paired with an excellent data plan the iPhone SE is a solid choice.