Two elementary students do their homework with the help of internet and a tablet from IT&E

Back to School can be made easy with the right tools from IT&E

The new school year is almost here, and with it comes a fresh new start. It’s the chance for your child to set new goals, get ahead, or simply enjoy themselves more.

By helping your child set the tone with good habits, the rest of the year will be a piece of cake. Here are a few tips for a great start to the school year and a few deals to save on those back-to-school necessities.

Keep them connected with reliable data and internet

Today, students need to keep up with online materials as well as in-person lessons. The internet is the main tool for online classes, doing research, finding help, communicating with classmates and more.

A reliable, fast mobile or home internet connection will help them get ahead.

Luckily students can get 10% off their monthly plan plus UNLIMITED access to educational media apps without using up their plan’s mobile data bucket. Educational mobile apps include Blackboard Learn, Black Board Ultra, as well as G Suite for Education, which includes Google classroom, Gmail, docs, sheets, slides, drive and more. Learn more about the Student Discount.

In addition, home internet plans can keep students and the whole family connected. CNMI families can enjoy huge value on internet, home phone, and mobile phone when they choose Home Internet Bundles, while Guam families can enjoy half off their monthly bill for the first 6 months with BEAM Home Internet!

An additional $30 monthly discount on mobile and home internet is available for eligible households in Guam and the CNMI through the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). Eligibility is based on certain benefit programs or income requirements. See if you qualify for the ACP and learn more about applying here.

Plus, with IT&E’s Back to school BOGO sale, you’ll save on flagship phones from Apple and Samsung for the whole family!

Help set goals and celebrate accomplishments

Goals help align focus and promote a sense of self-mastery. They can guide goal makers toward self-improvement.

Be sure to set achievable goals. While big goals like being top 10 of the class are terrific, smaller goals will maintain a steady level of motivation. Start with goals like turning in all homework on time or getting higher grades than last year.

As their parent or guardian, be sure to award accomplishments. A smile and a simple, “Good job” will help them feel appreciated and eager to aim higher.

Make it fun with right supplies and accessories

It doesn’t matter how old one is, having cool new supplies is an instant mood booster when tackling assignments.

With students spending a lot of time on their devices for school, it’s important to get them the right device.

Tablets are large enough to prevent eye strain when typing up reports and reading digital textbooks. At the same time, they’re lightweight, making them portable for students to carry back and forth between home and school or hold comfortably sit while studying.

iPads are ideal for students because they come in different sizes and Apple parental controls are easy to use to set screen limits and allowable websites. Stop by your nearest IT&E store or chat online with an IT&E Customer Service Representative to see which iPads are available.

For a short time only, you can score a FREE Lenovo Tablet when you purchase select phones on the 30 GB Data Plan or Unlimited Plan; or if you purchase a mobile hotspot device on a 50 GB Data-only plan. Chat online with an IT&E Customer Service Representative for details!

Mobile phones with larger screens are ideal for students on the go. Two great mobile phones with screens larger than 6-inches include the BLU G91S or BLU View 3. Both are available on Prepaid so you can control your spending and save.

Headphones, earbuds, and speakers are helpful for listening closely to online content or to a study playlist.

Elementary school kids will love colorful Planet Buddies headphones and Bluetooth speakers. The padded headphones are available in wired and wireless options and are set to kid-friendly audio levels. Older students can take their pick between earbuds and headphones from a wide selection of brands, Apple AirPods Max, Galaxy Buds2, or Urbanista Bluetooth headphones.

Find the perfect study accessories on our online store.  Get 10% off select accessories when you use promo code SAVE10 upon checkout.

Study a little bit every day

Cramming is a short-term solution. Studying a little every day keeps on top of mind and prevents any last-minute panic and stress. This strategy also makes it easier to understand lessons that might become progressively more difficult and rely on previous lessons, such as math.

Studying doesn’t have to be a solitary activity. Study groups can be fun and helpful. Students can easily meet virtually to go over the day’s lesson or get some tutoring with tools like Google Hangouts, Meet and Chat (eligible for UNLIMITED access without using your data bucket on the Student Discount).

Stay organized

During the school year there can be a lot going on, from due dates for multiple assignments and projects to extracurricular activities.

Being organized can make things easier by helping you keep track of important dates, plan ahead, and work faster by reducing the unnecessary tasks.

Keeping track of important days is easy enough to do and it can be easier when you set reminders on your phone and log them on your phone’s calendar. More than that, setting reminders for due dates the day before or week before the due date will reduce last-minute rushing to complete assignments.

While you’re logging in your due dates for the semester, you may as well plan ahead by making to-do lists and determine timelines for completing certain tasks. This will make things easier, because when the time comes, you can simply look at your to-do list.

You can use your phone’s built-in reminder, calendar, and task list tools. There are also several free apps you can use, such as Google Calendar and Task List.

Be sure to turn on those email and push notifications for your reminders.

Stay healthy

Mental and physical health is important for students to succeed. Parents should remind students that if they don’t take care of themselves, performance can be affected. Remember to eat nutritious food, get some physical activity, allow for breaks during and between study sessions, and reserve some time for fun.

Above all, do what works for you and your child. These tips are just a start because the key to success is you! Have a great school year.