Make a change
that matters


Switch to eStatements

Receiving eStatements is free, easy, and helps reduce paper waste and pollutants in our air and oceans.

Get started by visiting our store to set up your IT&E password. Once your password is set up, enroll online at or
call 922-4483 for Guam or 682-4483 for the CNMI.

What are the benefits of switching to MyBilling eStatements?

By switching to MyBilling eStatements, you will save time because you’ll be able to view your statements and make payments

online in minutes. You’ll save money because you’ll avoid the $3 charge for each printed statement.

Plus, you’ll be doing your part to help the environment by reducing paper waste.

What if I prefer paper invoices?

If you prefer paper invoices, $3 per month will be added to your monthly statement.

For Guam, a portion of the funds collected will benefit iRecycle’s mission to help schools and help clean up our island.

For the CNMI, a portion of the funds collected will benefit the Micronesia Islands Nature Alliance and their mission to

conserve and restore the array of habitats that sustain our natural biodiversity and heritage.