Gain the control, insight, and accountability to effectively manage your fleet. Monitor vehicle locations, arrivals, and departures while having real-time access to critical operational data, lowering overall fuel emissions and reducing your company’s carbon footprint. Keep your mobile workforce connected to the information they need.

OBDII Device

Monitor vehicle performance and use with remote access to:
• Real-time location
• Driver behavior information
• Arrival and departure information
• Historical reporting
• Vehicle performance information, diagnostics and engine trouble codes

Light Duty Vehicle Solution

Monitor cargo vans, pick-up trucks, and passenger vehicles in real-time with remote access to:
• Real-time vehicle location
• Historical Reporting
• Arrival and departure information
• Engine Diagnostics
• Driver Behavior information

Heavy Duty

Monitor big rigs, busses, and commercial and agricultural equipment with remote access to:
• Real-time vehicle location
• Historical Reporting
• Arrival and departure information
• Engine Diagnostics
• Driver Behavior information

High Value Asset Tracker

Monitor pallets, containers, tools, trailers, and anything portable in real-time. Key features include:
• Easy installation
• Weatherproof design for internal and external mounting
• Long term deployment with a battery lasts for up to 7 years without replacement

Trailer Tracker

Monitor trailers with remote access to:
• Real-time monitoring
• Historical Reporting
• Arrival and departure information (customize GeoFencing boundaries)

Video Telematics

Use video supported by built-in WiFi or IT&E’s reliable mobile service to monitor your entire fleet and enterprise-grade features, including:
• In-cabin and road-facing dashboard cameras that are motion activated and can be set to record manually
• Auxiliary cameras for side
and backup views
• Continuous recording
stored on the cloud
• Live streaming
• Real-time alerts and notifications

Temperature Monitoring

Access features designed to help you meet standards, including:
• Consistent temperature records
• Meets FDA requirements
• Hardwired to prevent tampering
• Ideal for multiple uses (vehicle or stationary location, such as restaurant refrigerator, warehouse, etc.)

Starter Interrupt

Remotely disable vehicles to for maximum control over your fleet. Key features include:
• Ability to set specific requirements to disable ignition (after hours of operation, lack of payment, and/or stolen property)
• Compatible with heavy-duty
vehicles and equipment
• Ideal for High Value Asset tracking
• Customizable Geofencing
• Real-time monitoring and instant notifications

Driver ID

Increase driver accountability with assignable key fobs that:
• Enable drivers to check-in to vehicles before driving
• Bind driver to the vehicle during the duration of the trip, events, or activity
• Match driver with their behavior
• Provide real-time location monitoring, alerts, and notifications

MiFleet Drive App

Access all your services on your tablet, phone, or device. Key features:
• Instant access to real-time location and vehicle information from anywhere in the world
• Available on the Apple App Store
and Google Play

Customer Testimonials


“IT&E has been an essential partner in our dealership’s success. With their reliable and efficient phone system, we have been able to provide our customers with excellent service and communicate seamlessly with our employees. Their commitment to providing high-quality telecommunications services has been evident in every interaction we have had with them, and we are grateful for their partnership. We highly recommend IT&E to any business looking for a telecommunications provider that truly cares about their success.”

SEAN FICKE (General Manager)
Triple J Motors Saipan



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