VDSL Internet

Connect quickly

Waste no time in accomplishing your business goals with a line that delivers voice and data at high speeds over your existing
network. With VDSL, you’ll never miss a call or email

VDSL is very fast broadband that enables you to do so much more. You’ll be able to more responsive with faster download
and upload speeds. Send larger files at a faster speed and to more people, use cloud services more easily, and host video
calls or conferences without worrying about buffering

Enterprise Broadband

Stay connected with all things business

Run your home office, small branch, or temporary location as smoothly as any large-scale operation with fast, reliable internet
delivered in a way that makes sense for your business.

Enterprise Broadband provides you with the tools to manage a network of low-cost broadband Internet connections for home
office, small branches or temporary locations such as construction sites. It offers a choice of broadband Internet connectivity,
including fiber access, together with an optional wireless router.

International Private Line

Expand your reach

Collaborate and connect with others in the next village or around the globe. Set up a secure private data connecton between two or
more locations.

An International Private Line is a private data connection securely connecting two or more locations over a global private line network

Dedicated Internet Access

The competitive advantage

Gain the upper hand with the speed and reliability of an internet connection dedicated to specifically to your organization’s use.
Dedicated Internet Access is accessing the Internet through Fiber, Air Fiber, a Broadband service or a dedicated direct connection.
Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) is the connection between a company or user’s site and the Internet

• Via fiber
• Air fiber