The new super powerful Note

Pre-order the new Samsung Galaxy Note9 and receive a FREE pair of IconX earbuds and one month of free service.

What are the dates that I can pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Note9?

Pre-orders are available from 08/11/2018 -08/19/2018.

How do I receive the FREE Samsung Gear IconX earbuds and one (1) month of free mobile service?
You must pre-order Samsung Galaxy Note9 via online or at any IT&E retail stores and sign up for a 12 or 24 month contract.
How much is the deposit for pre-orders of the Samsung Galaxy Note9?

There is no deposit required to pre-order. It’s free! However, pre-orders must be tied to IT&E service and pre-orders are not allowed for prepaid (full price) purchase.

How long will I have to confirm my Samsung Galaxy Note9 Pre-Order?
You will have until 5pm August 31, 2018 to activate a 12 or 24 month contract with IT&E or your pre-order will be forfeited.