Wi-Fi Calling Terms and Conditions

By Registering for Wi-Fi Calling Customer Acknowledges Receipt and Acceptance of Terms and Disclaimers


Please Read Carefully and Update Your Information for 911 Services

IT&E will implement optional Wi-Fi Calling Service (“Wi-Fi Calling”) which will allow your Mobile Phone to make calls using a Wi-Fi connection almost anywhere in United States, its Territories and throughout the world where Wi-Fi service is present.

Although convenient, the Wi-Fi calling technology may impact your ability to make 911 calls within the US. You will not be able to make Wi-Fi 911 calls outside of the US.


911 Address Registration:

When you first enable Wi-Fi Calling on IT&E, you must update the primary street address where Wi-Fi Calling will be used (“Your 911 Registered Address”) using the Wi-Fi Call Settings on your handset.  This information may be transmitted when you call 911 over Wi-Fi. You should advise the 911 center if you are at a different location and update your Registered Address as appropriate.

If you do not update your 911 Registered Address or it is not complete, IT&E, and other providers, may attempt to route a 911 call based on your earlier 911 Registered Address, which may not match your actual location and may cause a 911 call to be misrouted and/or provide an emergency call center with incorrect location information.If a caller isn’t at the registered address, the call may not be routed to the closest emergency service provider. Additionally, the wireline internet service provider or network serving the Wi-Fi connection may experience congestion or an outage during the 911 call. This could cause the call to have poor quality or drop completely.

Within the US and its territories, it is recommended to use a cellular (WCDMA, VoLTE etc) connection or landline phone to place a 911 call.   Note that if you are using Wi-Fi calling in an area with existing cellular coverage, your handset may prompt and make the 911 call using the handset’s native dialer over the cellular connection to improve call quality and location accuracy.

You acknowledge awareness of the Wi-Fi Calling limitations outlined below and that Wi-Fi Calling will not be used by anyone other than you without first notifying the end user of the Wi-Fi Calling limitations.


911 Functionality over Wi-Fi Calling may be impaired or unavailable:

  • Use of Wi-Fi Calling at a location without updating your 911 registered address. This will impact call routing.
  • If there is a problem with the broadband network used, including network congestion, network, equipment power failure, another technical problem, or during system updates or upgrades.
  • If you use Wi-Fi Calling with an assigned telephone number that is outside the home service area of your registered address.
  • Incorrect 911 registered address may delay call completion and routing to the local emergency call center.


Emergency Call Center Limitations:

The emergency call center designated to receive 911 calls for a particular 911 Registered Address for calls made over Wi-Fi Calling may not have a system configured for all 911 services. The Call Center may not be able to capture, retain or otherwise determine the phone number, Registered Location, or physical location of the handset placing the 911 call. Accordingly, always be prepared to provide this information to the emergency call center.


Other Limitations:

In addition to 911 limitations, Wi-Fi Calling does not support Wireless Emergency Alerts and may not support other wireless products and services. Other non-cellular devices capable of Wi-Fi Calling may not support a 911 call over a wireless carrier network and may be limited to Wi-Fi Calling capabilities only, if available and connected. You can deactivate Wi-Fi Calling on all other associated devices at any time and thereby eliminate Wi-Fi Calling, including 911 calling, from those devices.


Limitation of Liability and Release:

IT&E is not liable for any failure to access emergency services when using the Service. You acknowledge that IT&E is not liable for any failure or outage of Wi-Fi Calling, including those related to dialing 911 in Guam, CNMI, United States and its territories and emergency services calling in other countries where Wi-Fi Calling is permitted by IT&E. This release and waiver extend to all claims of any kind or nature whether foreseen, known, or unknown.

You acknowledge the Wi-Fi Calling limitations outlined below and that Wi-Fi Calling will not be used by anyone other than you without first notifying the end user of the Wi-Fi Calling limitations.